PTFE Products

Our PTFE product line encompasses a diverse range, featuring PTFE sheets, rods, bushes, special machined parts, and expanded PTFE sheets, among other components. These high-quality PTFE products are designed to meet a variety of industrial needs, providing reliable performance and versatility in applications across different sectors.

PTFE Expansion Joints / PTFE Bellows

Our PTFE Expansion Joints are crucial for connecting pipes where extended lengths are impractical or branching is needed. Traditional joints fall short with highly reactive chemicals, leading to wear and pipe system failure. Enter our robust PTFE Expansion Joints, lauded for their strength, safeguarding against corrosive substances and remaining inert to a wide range of reactive chemicals. Crafting PTFE Bellows is a complex process, but ADVECT Process Systems Canada Ltd. utilizes specialized tools and programming to ensure flawless components, free from black spots, cracks, and surface irregularities.

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PTFE Products

PTFE Liner / PTFE Tubes

ADVECT Process Systems Canada Ltd. produces PTFE Liners and tubes for use in various applications. Fluoropolymer material allows tubing to be low friction and highly corrosion resistant. Reduced friction allows other components such as deflection cables to slide along the main cable. Standard PTFE liners for piping application is suitable for PTFE lining inside metal pipes for Industrial applications of chemical processing.

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PTFE Liner / PTFE Tubes

PTFE Sheet

PTFE sheets are highly durable with optimal strength that can be used in load bearings, for insulation purposes, sliding supports and plates used for wear and tear. ADVECT Process Systems Canada Ltd . produces unique PTFE sheet through processes such as skiving or molding. It is also a respected Manufacturer, Exporter and supplier of PTFE sheet in the market. Different production processes are used in making PTFE Sheets depending upon the desired thickness to be achieved. PTFE Sheets have very high corrosion resistance and hence it can be used in laboratory environments for containers consisting of liquids such as fluoroantimonic acid.

We also offer Avko® brand (European make) Expanded PTFE sheets and Expanded PTFE tape

Modified PTFE sheets, expanded joint sealant, these sheets are approved by European Sealing association and manufactured by ISO certified with following certifications

PTFE Sheet
  • AVKOPACK® 1301® - Certificate VDI 2440
  • AVKOPRESS® R - Certificate VDI 2440
  • AVKOSEAL® eC - Certificate VDI 2440
  • AVKOSEAL® MS 1500 - Certificate VDI 2440
  • AVKOSEAL® MS 1500 - Certificate VDI 2440
  • AVKOSEAL H - Certificate VDI 2440
  • AVKOPACK 1320 IHP - Certificate VDI 2440
  • FINISEAL 8009 - Certificate VDI 2440
  • FINISEAL 8099 H - Certificate VDI 2440


  • Creep relaxation test (DIN 13555)
  • Compression test (DIN 28090-1)
  • Creep compression test (DIN 52913)
  • Compression test
  • Friction test

AVKOTHERM® 57 /THERMOCLOTH/ - Certificate for fire and emergency safety

AVKOSEAL® - Contains only materials conforming to FDA 21 - requirements for use in contact with food and chemical ingredients FDA21CFR 177.1550 (а) (1) and (b)

AVKOSEAL® - Approved for use in oxygen environment

AVKOSEAL® AL - Certificate DVGW for application as a sealant in flange joints of gas installations

Versatile PTFE Products for Various Sectors

Expansion joint
PTFE bellow
PTFE Expansion joint - bellow